How To: Change a baby's diaper the right way

Change a baby's diaper the right way

This video shows you the proper way to change a baby's diaper. First you will want to gather all of the supplies you will need before you begin. You will need a diaper, some baby wipes and some ointment. Next remove the babies clothes, raise their legs and place the clean diaper underneath your baby before you remove the old one. This is to ensure if your baby urinates or defecates it will go into the new diaper rather than all over your table. Now take the old diaper off, hold the legs up so the child does go into it's mess, and wipe downwards if you have a messy diaper. Fold it underneath the baby and have it rest on it so that you can clean the baby using the wipes. Use a front to back motion with the wipes and make sure you are thorough, cleaning all of the crevices. Remove the old diaper and dispose of it with the wipes. Next apply some ointment and then begin putting the fresh diaper on. If your baby is a male, point the penis downwards to prevent him from peeing on his face or chest. Bring the diaper up between the legs, holding it taught, and attach the Velcro tabs. After the diaper is fastened make sure that you can fit one to two fingers into the diaper to make sure that the diaper is not too tight. Make sure that it is no looser than this as your baby may end up peeing or pooping outside of the diaper. Finally make sure the ruffles are out so the diaper does not leek. Be sure to wash your hands afterwards.

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