How To: Deal with a deadbeat son-in-law

Deal with a deadbeat son-in-law

Not exactly enthused about who your daughter chose to marry? Turn lemons into lemonade by getting along with a deadbeat son-in-law – despite how you may feel about him.

You Will Need:
• Empathy
• Willpower
• A psychologist

Step 1: Empathize
Try to empathize. Put yourself in his shoes without making excuses for him.

Step 2: Support your daughter
Be supportive of your daughter. If you criticize him to her, she will be forced to defend him and you will only push her away.

Step 3: Withdraw support
Withdraw any financial support you provide. It may be difficult to see your daughter suffer, but enabling helps no one.

Step 4: Consider professional help
Consider his mental state. He may be depressed and need psychological support. Discuss possible mental health options with him and your daughter.

Trivia: In ancient Babylon, in-laws gave their sons-in-law a month's worth of fermented honey drink, to drink after the wedding. This was their "honey month," hence, "honeymoon."

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