How To: Do yoga exercises to flatten the stomach

Do yoga exercises to flatten the stomach

Cindy Mastry, Yoga instructor from YogaEtcStudio shows us how to do the yoga exercises to flatten the stomach. She considers the best exercise to flatten the stomach is the cleansing practice called as Agnisaar kriya which actually means Fire wash where you are washing the fire in the stomach. it not only flattens your abdomen but also improves the digestive and eliminatory system. For this you need to do is to inhale and reach your arms up to the sky and then you need to exhale and bend your knees and place your hands inside and finger tips pointing towards your knees. There you need to exhale all the air out and pump your stomach where in the process you will be actually pushing the stomach forwards and then pulling the stomach back. So the abdominal wall is kind of tight but the stomach organ will be coming forward and back. Then when you need to inhale you don't need to hold your breath but reach up again and repeat the process as you did earlier. With this it's done and you can reduce your abs.

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