How To: Do yoga exercises when pregnant

Do yoga exercises when pregnant

Cindy Mastry explains how yoga exercises can help with the union between mother and child for a woman who is pregnant. The word yoga translates to "union." The first exercise demonstrated is the Hindi Squat. While working strength and balance, the woman holds herself in the perfect position for giving birth. The next exercise Cindy calls "Cat Circling." The woman stands on her hands and knees and rotates her body in a circular motion, anchored my her limbs. This is supposed to put the baby in the correct position for proper childbirth. The third demonstration Cindy calls the "Goddess Pose", which is a resting pose. The focus is to meditate and relax, breathing deep down straight to the baby. The body will produce the hormone relaxin which will make the body more flexible. These yoga exercises should help the mother go though all the stress of a pregnancy in a calm, relaxed manner.

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