How To: Help your child stop stuttering

Help your child stop stuttering

Stuttering is a communication disorder affecting over 3 million Americans. Stuttering can make school and other social interactions difficult. Although there are no instant cures, these tips will help your progression toward speech fluency.
You Will Need
• Speech-language pathologist
• Relaxation techniques
• Measured speech
• Support group
• Research
• Referrals from local schools, community centers, and hospitals (optional)

Step 1: Contact a speech-language pathologist
Contact a speech-language pathologist who will decide which treatment will work for you. There are many treatment options, including drug therapy and electronic device therapy.

Step 2: Relax
De-stress and relax. It's been shown that stress can increase stuttering.

Step 3: Slow down
Slow down when you speak and monitor your speech. Over time your speech rate will become more natural.
Encourage individuals who are close to you to speak slowly. This will help you to remember to slow down.

Step 4: Do not allow interruptions
Take your time and inform your listener that you need to finish your thoughts. Don't allow people to interrupt you or to finish your sentences.

Step 5: Locate a self-help group
Locate a self-help group. They can provide support and resources that will assist you in your path to fluency.
Local schools, community centers, and hospitals can refer you to a local support group.

Step 6: Research
Research and keep up with new therapies. Organizations like the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders and the National Center for Stuttering are excellent resources.
Boys are three times more likely to stutter than girls. However, many children outgrow their stutter.

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