How To: Paint a little girl's tea table

Paint a little girl's tea table

This how-to video is a vibrant and animated tutorial on how to paint children's furniture: in particular, a little girl's tea table and chairs. It's fast paced yet easy to follow. The video couple takes you from the taping and preparation of the table and chairs to the completed and professional quality finished product, which would thrill any little girl. Their method of communicating the most important steps is to race to the camera and speak to the audience, in an amusing sort of wink, which is very entertaining and informative.

They teach you how to use inexpensive craft paints, in vibrant child-friendly colors, and brushes and sponges to create one-of-a-kind furnishings for your child. There are numerous close ups which teach you the basic skills that you will be relying upon to complete the task. Once you finish this project, you will have the skills and the confidence to tackle other artistic and decorative projects to beautify your child's room and the rest of your home.

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