How To: Position a baby during breastfeeding

Position a baby during breastfeeding

It looks so natural, a baby at the breast, but you might have learned that positioning your own little one is not as easy as it appears. Don't worry, it gets easier. Find a comfortable place to feed your little one. If you'll be nursing sitting up, choose a supportive chair with arm rests. Have several pillows handy. Undress your baby, down to her diaper. Skin-to-skin contact stimulates babies, helping them to remain awake and alert during a feed. For this reason, it's best not to swaddle your baby while nursing. No matter what position you choose, tuck your baby in close, make sure her whole body is well supported and her head, neck, and back are in a straight line. You shouldn't be leaning back or forward as you get ready to bring your baby to your breast. During your baby's first weeks, try a few of these common nursing positions to see what works best for you and your baby. Demonstrated in this video breastfeeding tutorial are: the Clutch or Football hold, the Cradle hold, the Cross-Cradle or Transition hold, and the Lying Down hold. Watch this instructional video and learn how to position a baby during breastfeeding.

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