How To: Repair your dysfunctional family with feng shui

Repair your dysfunctional family with feng shui

This video is about showing you how to use feng shui in repairing your dysfunctional family and getting rid of the bad vibes that may be in your home, re-energizing the foundation of love. The family center is located on the left center of your home. The element for the family is wood and you wouldn't want to have dead or plants with sharp leaves because they start arguments. Too much red is considered the fire element and can also lead to your family having arguments. If you have metal in your family room you would want to remove it because it cuts the wood energy. You can add a tree to symbolize strength and growth for the family and if you do have red in your room it can be tamed with something like a black vase which symbolizes water. Adequate chairs would be good if you have a table because it would make the table area a conversation area with the common area of the table. On top of the table you can add a photo album to bring back happy memories and maybe some books of a favorite vacation spot and a family heirloom to show respect and heritage. All of this will get rid of the dysfunctional vibes in your home.

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