How To: Treat acid reflux in toddlers

Treat acid reflux in toddlers

Acid reflux can be painful and irritating, and did you know that toddlers can be affected by it too?
Acid reflux is actually very common in young children during the first and second years of life, but luckily there are natural ways to treat this and help your baby feel healthy again.
In this video, hosted by Dr. Robert Sears, learn how to help your little one get relief from acid reflux. Dr. Sears is a father of three and board-certified pediatrician. He is also an author with many books, websites and magazine articles under his belt.
According to Dr. Sears, treating this issue involves using a hypoallergenic formula to eliminate food allergies, as well as having your baby sleep a bit upright at night. With a few small changes your child can feel a lot of relief.
Reduce the occurence of acid reflux with information from Dr. Sears in this clip from Modern Mom.

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