How To: Get your teen to start bathing regularly

Get your teen to start bathing regularly

Have you been noticing a small stench trailing throughout your home? Is you teen going through "changes" and you don't know how to approach them? Follow these tips to keep your home and teen smelling like roses.

You Will Need:
• A stinky teenager
• A shower
• A frank discussion

Step 1: Take a shower daily
Take a shower daily to offer a good example for your teenager.

Step 2: Discuss body changes
Discuss the changes taking place in your teenager's body that require them to bathe regularly.

Step 3: Discuss hygiene
Discuss the importance of good hygiene as well as the health risks of not practicing it regularly.

Step 4: Discuss social ramifications
Explain to your teenager that their friends will not want to hang out with a person with offensive body odor.

Step 5: Treat a shower as a habit
Treat taking a shower as a daily habit that will result in negative consequences if not accomplished.

Trivia: Studies show that no specific food – including greasy food and chocolate – has been proven to cause acne.

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