How To: Raise well-behaved children

Raise well-behaved children

Are you a mom or a dad that has run into a road block with your kids? Are they out of control disobedient? Follow this advice on how to raise well-behaved children and raising your children will be much more rewarding.

You Will Need:
• Time
• Patience
• Disciplinary rules
• Positive reinforcement
• A Healthy diet
• Exercise
• A healthy sleep regimen

Step 1: Spend time with your child
Spend time with your child. Get involved with every aspect of their lives: school, sports, friends, etc.

Step 2: Agree on rules
Discuss and agree on rules and disciplinary actions with anyone helping you raise your child. Disciplinary contradictions can only confuse your child.

Step 3: Stay calm
Create an environment full of positive reinforcement. Avoid hostile behavior at all costs, and calmly discuss troubling situations.

Step 4: Take charge
Remind your child that you are the parent and they are the child.

Step 5: Create consequences
Teach your child the meaning of good behavior. Create consequences for bad as well as good behavior.

Step 6: Don't give in
Don't give in to your child's wishes once you have expressed your stand.

Step 7: Take care of yourself
Eat right, exercise, and get enough sleep to deal with the heavy load of everyday parenting.

Trivia: In 2007, 18 percent of American children lived in poverty.

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